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BGE to Cut Customers’ Bills by a Few Dollars by Passing on Tax Savings

A sample BGE bill.

BGE customers should be seeing some slight cuts to their monthly bills very soon after a state commission yesterday approved the utility’s plan to pass on more than $100 million in tax savings from the new federal tax bill.

Here’s How to Help Baltimore Residents Who Can’t Pay Their Water Bills

Photo by Marcus Quigmire, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether or not you agree with one independent economist’s thesis that the city’s water rates are contributing to a downward spiral for the city and low-income Baltimoreans, there’s not much to argue: Water service is becoming less affordable for a sizable share of local residents.

Greenlaurel: Five Ways to Really Save on Your BGE Bill


Were you one of the 750,000-plus BGE customers that got paid on Energy Savings Day to use less electricity during this sizzling hot summer? How cool is that? Lower your energy use and you get paid for doing the right thing. If you’d like to continue your savings streak from month-to-month, check out these five practical ways below to lower your BGE bill.

BGE Owes the City Millions of Dollars — Will the Mayor Send Them a Turn-Off Notice?


Ever moved into a new apartment and then found yourself trying to explain to BGE why you do not owe them for the unpaid bills of previous residents stretching back years? Ever had your power shut off by mistake? Well, then, this is for you.