Bill Clinton Is Coming to Baltimore

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Maryland recently found herself haunted by faces of our possible presidential futures. Soon she will get a visitation from our presidential past. Bill Clinton will come to Baltimore to kick off the 2012-2013 of Stevenson University’s Baltimore Speakers Series at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on October 16.

The press release announcing next season’s lineup calls Clinton’s presidency “a time of unprecedented prosperity and change.” Man, rub our faces in it, whydontcha! Still, it could be nice to go see him speak, imagine him with darker hair, and pretend it’s the ’90s again.

Problem is, the only way to get a ticket to escape for a little bit into America’s pre 9/11 golden age and hear some probably undeservedly hopeful talk about globalization and “a common future based on shared goals and values” is to buy a series subscription, which ranges from $265 to $395 per person. So even if you’re die-hard Clinton-head, if you’re not big into Jeanette Walls, Lisa Ling, P.W. Singer, Erskine Bowles, Vicente Fox, and Nando Parrado, it might not be worth it.

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