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Bill Clinton to Speak About Opioid Epidemic at Hopkins Next Week

Bill Clinton in October 2016. Photo by Hayden Schiff, via Wikimedia Commons.

A former president will be in the building on Monday in East Baltimore to talk about American’s worsening and deadly painkiller abuse problem.

Hillary Clinton sends Bill to Md. fundraiser, cites granddaughter



High-rolling Dem donors of Maryland who were hoping to bend the ear of could-be presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton tonight will have to settle for Bubba. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Clintons made a last-second decision to have former president Bill Clinton headline a fundraiser for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony G. Brown in place of his wife. Hillary chalked up the cancellation to the old  “spending more time with her family.” This time, however, she really means it. Really.  

Hey, Baltimore – Bill Clinton’s In Town!

Bill Clinton & Cal Ripken in 1995; photo via Ghosts of Baltimore
Bill Clinton & Cal Ripken in 1995; photo via Ghosts of Baltimore

If you’re walking around town today and happen to notice a man who looks just like former president Bill Clinton, it probably is him: the potential future first husband is in town for an event at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Whatever you do, don’t ask him about that Monica Lewinsky article.

Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey Hit the Starbucks Near UB


Last night a gaggle of Starbucks guzzlers were forced to take drinks outdoors while two lanky celebs ordered their talls to go, secret service on the side.

The First JHU-Clinton Fellows Head Off to Change the World


Mr. Gates isn’t the only Bill investing in the future of public health; a certain former president has gotten into the act, and he’s joining forces with Johns Hopkins to find solution-oriented approaches to expand access to care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

Former president Bill Clinton founded the Clinton Health Access Initiative back in 2002, but this year is the first that CHAI has offered fellowships to Johns Hopkins undergrads and grad students, in part because the university has a well-regarded School of Public Health and an undergraduate major in the discipline.

The inaugural fellows, Lauren Brown and Emily Chien, will set out on a semester-long placement at one of CHAI’s overseas sites. Lauren Brown, who’ll be working in Lesotho, got her bachelor’s in public health last week, while Chien (who’ll be posted in Uganda) has a few more degrees under her belt:  a master’s from Bloomberg, an MBA from Hopkins’ Carey Business School, and an undergrad degree in biology from UCLA. Both women will be working with programs that are implementing a new technology that is supposed to measure HIV patients’ CD4 counts without having to send blood samples to (distant, costly) labs. If this new technology works as expected, people in rural areas will gain access to more nuanced treatment, thus reducing mortality.

Bill Clinton Is Coming to Baltimore


Maryland recently found herself haunted by faces of our possible presidential futures. Soon she will get a visitation from our presidential past. Bill Clinton will come to Baltimore to kick off the 2012-2013 of Stevenson University’s Baltimore Speakers Series at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on October 16.

The press release announcing next season’s lineup calls Clinton’s presidency “a time of unprecedented prosperity and change.” Man, rub our faces in it, whydontcha! Still, it could be nice to go see him speak, imagine him with darker hair, and pretend it’s the ’90s again.

Problem is, the only way to get a ticket to escape for a little bit into America’s pre 9/11 golden age and hear some probably undeservedly hopeful talk about globalization and “a common future based on shared goals and values” is to buy a series subscription, which ranges from $265 to $395 per person. So even if you’re die-hard Clinton-head, if you’re not big into Jeanette Walls, Lisa Ling, P.W. Singer, Erskine Bowles, Vicente Fox, and Nando Parrado, it might not be worth it.