Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey Hit the Starbucks Near UB

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Last night a gaggle of Starbucks guzzlers were forced to take drinks outdoors while two lanky celebs ordered their talls to go, secret service on the side.

Bill Clinton was in town to assure a sold-out crowd at the Meyerhoff that congress has got the financial crisis under control, as well as break down some optimistic bullet points from the Clinton Global Initiative… He took time to plug Obama, of course, having become a comforting and informative fixture during the 2012 campaign, a mascot of sorts… In fact, Clinton’s rising popularity and recurring-guest-star presence lead many to link his PR efforts to a possible¬†2016 election bid for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As Clinton and Spacey cavorted, a friend and I watched eagerly through the plate-glass window, alongside a couple dozen eager passersby, all of us armed with cell cameras — texting and clicking away. We hear that Spacey is shadowing our 42nd president for “House of Cards” character study, but it’s clear from the pic they enjoy each other’s company on a chatty, human level, separate from the TV show, separate from the campaign…or were they acting the coffee out?

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