Billy Murphy Criticizes Fox News Coverage During Fox News Interview

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During a Fox News interview about his reaction to Monday’s decision to acquit Officer Edward Nero, Freddie Gray’s attorney challenged Fox News’ coverage of the case.

In the segment with Greta Van Susteren, Billy Murphy talks about the Gray family’s “calm” approach to the trials of the Baltimore officers. Like he did on Monday outside the courthouse, he praised Williams for making the correct call and not being swayed by public opinion.

He did not have praise for Fox News, however.

“Your station was rife with speculation about whether Judge Williams was playing to the audience or whether he was following his internal compass,” he said.

Van Susteren quickly interrupted, asking Murphy if he was challenging her show specifically and saying that a Fox reporter was in the courtroom.

“So if I think that the whole network’s approach to the black community is racist is a relevant thing to say during this program, I can’t say it?” Murphy responded.

Here’s the clip:

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