Bin 604’s Perfect Easter Wines and Must-Have Porch Pounders

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Ever heard of a Porch Pounder? It’s the label wine industry people give to wines that go down easily, won’t break the bank and always deliver. It’s a crowd pleaser. Open one at the end of a long week, and you’re sure to start off the weekend in a good place. We’ve partnered with Bin 604 to bring to you the Porch Pounder of the Month and a few other wine suggestions. The staff at Bin 604 regularly tastes over one-hundred wines every week, so you can count on the selections to be ones you’ll want to pound on the porch…or anywhere at all!

The week, the staff at Bin 604 suggests affordable Easter wines to complement your holiday meal.  Pairing wines with traditional Easter foods can be tricky: which wine goes as well with Peeps as it does with deviled eggs? But the wine lovers at Bin 604 have found just the right Easter wines, versatile enough to go with everything on your plate!

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