Though the pizza is great at Birroteca, there are so many more amazing dishes to taste. Offering modern, rustic Italian cuisine, the appetizers, salads and entrees are just as delicious. And there is always room for dessert. Take a look at some of the options below (Birroteca offers both vegetarian options, as well as dishes made with ingredients that do not contain gluten) and make your reservation today!

Burrata Cheese Bruschetta: Melted Grape Tomatoes | Basil
Spiced Crispy Chick Peas
Meatballs: House Ricotta | Tomato Sauce
Baby Heriloom Tomatoes: Ricotta Prima Dolce | Pistachios | Baby Red Oak Leaf | Cider Vinaigrette | Lemon Thyme Honey
Carbonara: Handmade Fettuccini | Pancetta | Egg Yolk | Parmesan
Wild Boar Bolognese: Handmade Pappardelle | Parmesan
Sausage Pomodoro: Mezzi Rigatoni | Plum Tomatoes | Red Onions | Calabrian Peppers | Spicy Fennel Sausage | Pecorino
Italian Kit Kat

Take a look at the full dinner menu and beverage menu today. Come taste why Birroteca is a city favorite – make your reservations here.

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