BMA Hosting Election Night Party Centered Around Guerrilla Girls Show

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Guerrilla Girls Election Night

For those seeking a chance to let loose and escape their sense of dread or other overwhelming politically charged feelings this Tuesday, the BMA is hosting an Election Night party inspired by their feminist art exhibition about the Guerrilla Girls.

The evening will feature fun, crafty activities like button- and poster-making for guests and DJ Isabejja playing music inspired by art from the show. Hyper-efficient playwrights from Center Stage will also be there taking prompts for plays from guests in another impressive and fun “Wright-Write-Now” event.

There will plenty of room for the inescapable political conversation too, though. The night will include what the organizers plan to be a bipartisan political discussion with members of the League of Women Voters of Baltimore City, which is nonpartisan. Network election coverage will also be visible on the BMA’s TVs throughout the building, in case guests aren’t already nervously checking their phones.

The exhibit upon which all of this is based around, “Front Room: Guerrilla Girls,” is an ongoing show featuring 48 works by the anonymous collective from New York. They’ve made a name for themselves –while hiding their actual names — over the last 30 years by making works to that call out the art world and surrounding society for sexist and racist leanings. They’re retained their anonymity by donning gorilla masks for public appearances and have continuously made thought-provoking work about gender inequality and discrimination.

Here’s an example:

"Birth of Feminism" movie poster from 2001, Courtesy BMA
“Birth of Feminism” movie poster from 2001, Courtesy BMA

The party is sure to be a creative, progressive-minded escape from any standard Election Night event.

Click here for a full itinerary. Tickets cost $10 for BMA non-members and $5 for members and students with ID.

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