Baltimore Fishbowl’s Robert “Bob” O’Brien.
Baltimore Fishbowl’s Robert “Bob” O’Brien.

You may know Bob O’Brien as Baltimore Fishbowl’s resident truth-teller, ready to take Governor O’Malley to task for various hypocrisies, or to introduce us to exciting new local musicians. You may also know Bob as a poet-about-town, or as the organizer of the Worms reading series. He’s one of those rare people who manages to be both sharp and sweet at the same time; oh, and he’s hilarious. Forgive my gushing; my ultimate point here is to let you know that Bob has recently been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Treatment is expensive and Bob doesn’t have health insurance, so the Metro Gallery has offered to host a sure-to-be-thrilling evening of performance, bands, comedy, and all around entertainment to raise funds on his behalf this weekend. And you should most certainly attend.

The event features a number of local poets as well as some folks who’ve traveled from far away, including Lauren Bender, Alicia Puglionesi, Stephanie Barber, Alejandro Venture, Lesser Gonzalez, Megan McShea, Joseph Young and Michael Kimball (team local), and Rod Smith, Mel Nichols, Ryan Eckes, Eric Paul (team out-of-town). Music will be provided by The Tinklers, Wheatie Mattiasich, and The Mole Suit Choir; and comedy by Ben O’Brien.

There will also be an art auction featuring pieces by local art stars Lesser Gonzalez, Kevin Sherry, Dina Kelberman, Liz Downing, Rupert Wondolowski, Jimmy Joe Roche, Ginevra Shay, Ryan Syrell, Dale Beran, Brett Price, and Dani Leventhal. Roche has a show up at the BMA right now, and Kelberman is pretty much famous; you definitely want to bid on their art.

The event takes place this Friday at the Metro Gallery, and admission is $10-20, depending on what you can afford. If you can’t attend but want to donate to Bob’s recovery fund, you can do so here.