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Our Bob Needs Your Help

Baltimore Fishbowl’s Robert “Bob” O’Brien.

You may know Bob O’Brien as Baltimore Fishbowl’s resident truth-teller, ready to take Governor O’Malley to task for various hypocrisies, or to introduce us to exciting new local musicians. You may also know Bob as a poet-about-town, or as the organizer of the Worms reading series. He’s one of those rare people who manages to be both sharp and sweet at the same time; oh, and he’s hilarious. Forgive my gushing; my ultimate point here is to let you know that Bob has recently been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Treatment is expensive and Bob doesn’t have health insurance, so the Metro Gallery has offered to host a sure-to-be-thrilling evening of performance, bands, comedy, and all around entertainment to raise funds on his behalf this weekend. And you should most certainly attend.

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez’s "Make-Shift" Art Show


Make/Shift is the title of MICA grad Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez’s current solo show, in which the artist playfully manipulates the aesthetics and instruments of commercial design to create pleasantly disorienting images and sculptures — we’re talking unrealistic polychromatic gradients, fluorescent lights, a pile of skulls covered in smiley faces — but it would be just as apt a name for the gallery the show is running at, Remington’s Open Space. It’s a testament to the DIY, grassroots nature even of the fine arts scene in Baltimore (well, the youthful, post-MICA scene, anyway) that this gallery is also a communal living space, a rooftop shanty town, and a recording studio. But though Open Space’s caretakers may have unconventional living arrangements, their art shows are installed with a great deal of professionalism.

Open Space is located at 2720 Sisson Street (by the crocodile mural on 28th). I know what your thinking: that’s a functioning car repair shop. Have no fear! The entrance to the art gallery is on the right side of the building.

The gallery opens on weekends: 4 to 8 on Friday, 12 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday. Make/Shift runs until March 10. If you won’t have an opportunity to venture out the auto-garage turned art gallery, view photo documentation of the show’s paintings, digital images, and installations on Make/Shift’s Flickr page.

Baltimore Begins 2012 with Auspicious Double Rainbow


Many of us spend New Year’s Day searching for signs that might give us an idea of how the year is going to shape up. And this year we were treated to a double rainbow over Baltimore. Is 2012 going to be Baltimore’s year?

Several enthusiastic people uploaded pictures of the optical phenomenon to Facebook, including Baltimore artist and musician Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, who stitched together this composite image of the entire primary arc. A bit of the secondary rainbow is visible on the right.

composite panoramic image of double rainbow