Body Found Stuffed in Shopping Cart in Southeast Baltimore

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Not the shopping cart seen in Southeast Baltimore. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A crew of sanitation workers made a chilling discovery in the McElderry Park neighborhood yesterday morning.

There in a back alley off of N. Kenwood Avenue and McElderry Street was a body sitting in a shopping cart, according to ABC2. Police shared few details with media, other than to say it was a suspicious death and that they hadn’t identified it.

One neighbor told the station she’d heard the body had a bag over its head and that its pants pockets were sticking out, and another said authorities had to make some gruesome adjustments to extract it from the cart. Yet another resident told Fox45 it was covered by a blanket, with a rock to hold it down.

ABC2 reports crews of young sanitation workers employed by the city’s YouthWorks program were cleaning up the sidewalks and road around the corner. One of them said it was a “distraction” while trying to beautify the neighborhood.

The body was taken to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy. If deemed a homicide, it would add to the record total of 183 killings so far this year.

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