Boys’ Latin: Athletes, scholars, actors are all leaders at BL

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Boys’ Latin

Photo by Whitney Wasson

At Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, student leaders walk the halls in all shapes and sizes. They emerge in the classroom, on the athletic field, on stage, and, most importantly, as those who serve as role models for their peers. 

Seniors Lowell and Braden embody this idea.  While both serve as officers in clubs and organizations, it is their leadership in and out of the classroom that makes them stand out.

Lowell, a BL “lifer” serves on the honor board and is a leader in the diversity club.  His course load includes several AP classes, which he balances with his role as a midfielder on the varsity lacrosse team.  His teammate, Braden, joined the Class of 2020 as a sixth-grader.  As the oldest of five brothers, Braden inherently understands what leadership means.  He shows his school pride in his roles as student body president, student admissions ambassador and member of the One Love Club, an organization dedicated to teaching students about healthy relationships.

Together, Lowell and Braden represent the characteristics for which Boys’ Latin boys are known: well-rounded students who challenge themselves academically, contribute to the school community, and most importantly, know and support one another. Inspired by the school’s motto, which highlights courage, integrity and compassion, Boys’ Latin boys work together to achieve academic, athletic, and extracurricular success. 

On campus, a palpable spirit of brotherhood resonates.  Lowell and Braden recognize that this is what distinguishes their school and also what drives them to leadVisit for open house dates at Boys’ Latin School of Maryland.

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