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The Baltimore Police Department has suspended in-service training for officers after four trainees and two staffers tested positive for COVID-19 since Friday, the department announced.

The department is working with the University of Baltimore, where the police training academy is located, to clean and disinfect the facility. Some coursework for cadets training to join the force will continue remotely, the BPD said.

“COVID-19 continues to challenge the policing profession, as we look to research best practices and create innovative solutions in resuming much needed training to the members of the department,” Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said in a statement. “We continue to examine all procedures and precautionary measures put in place to minimize exposure to COVID-19 for all of our members.”

Since the start of the pandemic, the BPD has reported 65 positive tests among personnel. Forty-two officers are currently out on quarantine due to possible exposure to the virus or displaying flu-like symptoms.

In all, the department reported 638 employees have quarantined for some length of time, with 596 being cleared to return to work.

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