Brave Williams Hypes Mt. Vernon, Harbor East in ‘My Bmore’ Spot

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Brave Williams
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Baltimore native Brave Williams is hyping the city’s night life in the latest “My Bmore” ad from Visit Baltimore.

In the print version of the ad, the recording artist and former Making the Band cast member Williams narrates an ideal “girls’ night out” in Baltimore:

“When Friday night rolls around, my girlfriends meet me in Mt. Vernon. There’s nothing like getting on the dance floor and completely letting go. Then we’re bouncing over to a neighborhood spot where we can sing along with the band. By now we’ve worked up an appetite, so we have dinner at a posh restaurant in Harbor East and toast to a great evening out. That’s how we do girls’ night in Baltimore — now it’s your turn.”

The 30-second video spot tells basically the same tale without name-dropping any neighborhoods:


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