The Brewer’s Art’s ‘Ozzy’ Ale Has Been Renamed

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The Brewer's Art's Ozzy Ale Rechristened

After a naming contest following a cease-and-desist from Ozzy Osbourne, The Brewer’s Art’s much loved Ozzy ale has been rechristened “Beazly.” It’s pleasantly reminiscent of the old handle, and this time it’s named after someone much less likely to get litigious. “Beazly” (or the even briefer “Beaz”) is the nickname of stalwart Brewer’s Art bartender Mark Barcus. After 17 years at the microbrewery, Beazly will start pouring Beazlies. (Here’s hoping the honor doesn’t wear off to the point where it gets annoying!)

According to Baltimore Business Journal, the Ozzy name will be in use for a little while longer since the can design will be revamped as well (which featured classic Ozzy imagery like headless bats and a knuckle tattoo). Right now looks like the color scheme — silver, red, black, and blue — will stick around.

Congratulations to Barcus, and here’s to the Brewer’s Art for opting for a local celebrity this time around!

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