Brooks Robinson is Auctioning Off His Orioles World Series Rings

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Brooks Robinson with Gold Gloves

Given that his name still circulates as a baseball great and O’s fans pass his statue on the way into the Yard, you can assume Brooks Robinson has a room full of hardware. Well, he’s putting all on the block.

According to the AP, Robinson is putting up a trove of winnings from his days with the Orioles. It includes two World Series rings from 1966 and 1970, his MVP trophy from ’64 and 16 gold gloves.

The first thing that comes to mind is: that’s an impressive collection. The 16 gold gloves alone represent the second-most all time, and most by a third baseman. He’s also auctioning off an award called the Hickok Belt, which was awarded to the best pro athlete in the U.S. across all sports. They don’t even give those out anymore.

Second, however, you have to wonder why he’s doing it. With news earlier this year that ex-Raven Jamal Lewis was auctioning off his Super Bowl ring after declaring bankruptcy, there’s reason to wonder if he needs money. But Robinson told the AP that he’s fine, financially.

Robinson, 78, says ”every cent” will go to the Constance and Brooks Robinson Foundation for distribution to worthy causes.

”My children, they have everything they ever wanted from my collection,” Robinson said. ”We’ve been very blessed, my whole family, all the years we’ve been in Baltimore. So it’s time to give back.”

Once again, it seems the decision to build a statue to honor Brooks was sound.

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