Buck Showalter Ejected, Makes a Show of It

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Buck's impersonation of a baseball
Buck’s impersonation of a baseball

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said he wasn’t ready to start “beating up on people” as the O’s were in the midst of a five-game losing streak. “Our guys are a very easy target right now for people and I won’t be a part of that,” Showalter said. Umpires, however, are apparently a different story.

Showalter wasn’t happy with how the home-plate umpire Brian Gorman was calling balls and strikes in the second inning of the team’s Thursday afternoon game against Houston. So, he began voicing his displeasure from the dugout.

After Ryan Flaherty struck out looking on a pitch, Showalter decided a full demonstration of his feelings were necessary. He left the dugout and stood wide of home plate, showing Gorman where he thought the pitches were coming.

Gorman was not amused, and ejected Showalter. But the Orioles got the win.

Video via MLB:

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