Courtesy of Bmore Media – Combine an entrepreneurial spirit, a love of floral design, and a passion for the community. Local Color Flowers, a floral design business in Hampden, is the result.

Owner Ellen Frost took these seemingly disparate elements and pieced them together to create a floral business.

Most shops import flowers and ship them thousands of miles in non-biodegradable material. Colombia and Ecuador accounted for 90-98 percent of all roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums sold in the United States last year, according to All America-Phillip’s Flower Shops. By the time they reach the store, “fresh” bouquets are days old.

Local Color Flowers in Hampden works with approximately 20 growers and sources 100 percent of products from within 100 miles of Baltimore. In contrast, the international floral industry relies on vast amounts of water, lighting, herbicides and refrigerated transportation, which burns fossil fuels.

“We are not a traditional florist,” Frost says of her nine-person studio. “We are a floral design company trying to build a community around buying local products.”

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