Buzzfeed Offers Portrait of Baltimore Photographer Devin Allen

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baltimore-riots-time-cover-420x560Devin Allen has gotten national acclaim for the photography that includes his famous Time cover during the unrest and portraits of life in Baltimore. He’s looking to pass on his knowledge of the camera to the next generation.

A profile in Buzzfeed takes a look at Allen’s work more than a year after the unrest. Chronicling his effort to be more than “the Time guy,” the piece is filled with insights about Allen’s work. A description of how much of an outlier the photo that made the Time cover is from his portraits of what he calls “a beautiful ghetto.” Since Allen was an amateur photographer when the Time cover came out, it also considers how social media is democratizing fine art. We also learn that he now works for Under Armour.

Yet it is Allen’s work to help the youth that provides the most vivid framing. His efforts to teach photography at the Penn North Kids Safe Zone goes beyond giving back.

“They need to see me stepping out of my grandma’s house, in the club, at the Safe Zone. I have to prove that you can come from a place like this and be larger than life,” he says.

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