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Cafe Cito has been open for a couple of months now, but it’s hard to keep up with every gastronomic addition to Hampden. Every new cafe or restaurant in the neighborhood brings so much to the table (no pun intended), and the bar just keeps getting raised. Maybe that’s why it took us a minute to discover how absolutely awesome Cafe Cito is. Admittedly, we spent a month or two thinking, “really, another cafe right here? Is it going to really be that different from everything else we’ve got?” The answer: yes. It is different, and it is very,very good.

Cafe Cito serves Spanish-inspired cafe cuisine. On the regular menu, you’ll find perfectly crafted sandwiches and lush salads. But even its more traditional offerings have a fine twist. For example, a simple breakfast sandwich features duck sausage and arugula. Getting the picture? And while dinner isn’t really Cafe Cito’s thing, the restaurant does offer a special 4-course dinner on First Fridays that’s BYOB and totally delightful. Make sure you find the time to stop in.

Cafe Cito is located at 3500 Chestnut Avenue in Baltimore. For more information, visit