Cafe Hon’s Recurring “Nightmare”

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Restaurant-revamping chef Gordon Ramsay was back at Hampden’s Cafe Hon months after featuring the once maligned eatery on Kitchen Nightmares last November. The show usually portrays Ramsay coming to the aid of a restaurant with awful cooking (and a healthy dose of interpersonal drama), but at Cafe Hon the focus was primarily on healing bad blood between owner Denise Whiting and city residents after Whiting attempted to enforce a trademark on the word “hon.”

In May, Ramsay stopped back in at the beflamingoed (that’s a word, look it up) restaurant to tape a return episode to see if his solution — which amounted to Whiting publicly relinquishing her trademark — worked.

(Let me just say that just last week I was walking down the Avenue and overheard a small group of friends figuring out where to eat. One suggested Cafe Hon, and another quickly shut it down because she “heard they have really awful food there. They were, like, on TV for it. For real.” So, for whatever that’s worth.)

You can watch the return episode Friday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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  1. The ladies in my office at DISH definitely remember Café Hon’s weird pink flamingo and even weirder owner, so I know that this episode is going to be interesting. And if the customers are still talking poorly about her food then there should be enough drama to make it a lot of fun too. Normally I would pull my hair out right now because I forgot to set it to record, but not since I got my DISH Hopper. It auto –records the big 4 networks during prime time with its PrimeTime Anytime feature. So I have not missed an episode in months and could even start growing an afro if I wanted.

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