California Steals Veep From Baltimore

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Governor Martin O'Malley schmoozes with the cast of Veep
Governor Martin O’Malley schmoozes with the cast of Veep

HBO’s political satire Veep filmed four seasons in Baltimore, gussying the city up so it resembled Washington, DC. But according to the Los Angeles Times, it’s time for Baltimore to bid adieu to the show, which will be relocating to Los Angeles to film its next season.

The reason? Tax credits, of course. The Maryland legislature set aside $7.5 million for film incentives in 2016, while California has set aside $27.6 million just for shows relocating to the state from elsewhere. (American Horror Story, which has been filming in Louisiana, is also moving to the West Coast.) While having shows like Veep and House of Cards filmed in Baltimore raises the city’s profile and brings in new business, a recent report showed they weren’t a great investment for the city.

Even with Veep gone, with a paltry $7.5 million on the table, will Maryland be able to persuade House of Cards to stay? The Netflix show recently agreed to stay in the state for $11.5 million in tax breaks… much less than they wanted. So make sure you’re going to those casting calls now– you might not have the chance much longer!

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