Can You Guess Which 10-Mile Stretch of Road Is the Worst in Baltimore?

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The numbers are in, and it’s not just your imagination: Baltimore really does have the 18th worst traffic in the country. I mean we’re no Los Angeles, whose drivers spent an unmatched 64 hours driving to and from work in 2013. But we still wasted 27 hours of 2013 in commuting time.

The traffic study also determined the worst stretch of road in Baltimore. If you drive it I’m sure it’s no surprise, but now you can tell your friends it’s official. The 10 miles of road on I-695 that run from Park Heights Avenue to Loch Raven Boulevard is the worst corridor in Baltimore and the 179th worst in the nation.

If you regularly drive that stretch at the worst time, 5 p.m. on Thursdays, then God bless you!


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