Can You Really Be Banned from City Hall?

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When I was in high school, my friends and I had a video project for class that we decided to shoot in the local Walmart, unannounced. When someone (who claimed he was a cop, but I think he was just the boyfriend of an employee) discovered us, we each received lifetime bans from Walmart — or so we were told.

Walmart can do that kind of thing– even though in this case it was just some weird lie — but can City Hall? Wednesday morning, local activist Kim A. Trueheart was arrested for attempting attend a public meeting at City Hall. According to the Baltimore Sun, the ordeal took up her entire day, with Trueheart languishing in Central Booking into the evening.

After interrupting Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at a news conference on January 16, a police officer told her not to return to City Hall. Yesterday morning, police officers refused to allow her entrance into the building. When Trueheart subsequently refused to leave, she was arrested.

But was the original “ban” legitimate? The police department is unsure. Both Legal Affairs and City Solicitor George Nilson are looking into the origin of the ban.

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