Canton Residents Take Security Into Their Own Hands

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Although violent crime is down across the city, Canton has been the site of numerous break-ins/robberies/thefts in recent months. Many residents are concerned, but fancy security systems are quite pricey. So what’s an anxious Cantonite to do? Why, join the Canton Neighbors Security Camera Group, of course.

The group, founded by Canton resident Ian Shafran, helps locals obtain high-quality security cameras in two ways. First of all, Shafran and others did extensive research to determine which cameras were best-suited for their needs. Then, Shafran worked to negotiate a lower group rate from Modern Systems Integration, a surveillance camera company based in Columbia. Members of the group can get two cameras for $850 or three for $950, installation included — still a steep price, but not as bad as each household buying them individually.

According to the Baltimore Guide, the cameras can see up to 100 feet, even at night, and can store 30 days of high-def footage.

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