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Waterfront Partnership Expands to Fells Point with Safety Patrols, ‘Beautification,’ Marketing

Photo by Eli Pousson/Baltimore Heritage, via Flickr.

The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore will now be a regular presence in Fells Point, with staff working to beautify, market and patrol the neighborhood under an agreement reached with local businesses.

BWI is Getting Eye Scanners


irisSecurity guards at BWI will be happy to let you go through the line without having to turn and puff. All they will need is your eye scanner, or a fingerprint.

Canton Residents Take Security Into Their Own Hands



Although violent crime is down across the city, Canton has been the site of numerous break-ins/robberies/thefts in recent months. Many residents are concerned, but fancy security systems are quite pricey. So what’s an anxious Cantonite to do? Why, join the Canton Neighbors Security Camera Group, of course.

The NSA Whistleblower Outs Himself; Probably Won’t Be Coming Home to Maryland Anytime Soon



Edward Snowden was living comfortably in Hawaii when he made a decision that would change his life — and possibly also the way Americans feel about our intelligence organizations. When Snowden released NSA documents indicating that government data collection on U.S. citizens was far vaster than most people suspected, he knew he’d have to leave his home and family behind, possibly forever. He also became an immediate figure of fascination. Despite Snowden’s protests that the story isn’t about him, it’s hard not to wonder where he came from. The short answer? Just down the road!

How the Boston Bombings Will Impact the Preakness



The April 15 bombings at the Boston Marathon have made Americans more security conscious — and have left planners of big events, like the May 18 Preakness Stakes, scrambling to make sure their security policies are up-to-date. Case in point:  No one will be bringing a cooler (or backpack, or beverage container that’s not see-through) to Pimlico this year.

Plenty of Weapons Confiscated Regularly by the TSA at BWI



When you’re flying on an airplane, there’s a lot to remember about what you can and can’t travel with. A jar of peanut butter? What about a razor? How small do containers of liquid need to be again?

But I bet most would assume — even without looking it up — that straight up weapons are not allowed. Which is why it’s sort of surprising that so many people try to carry them on to a plane at BWI.

Since February, the TSA has confiscated several loaded handguns from passengers attempting to take them in carry-on luggage, including one from Edwin F. Hale, chairman and CEO of First Mariner Bancorp. But they’ve also discovered loads of stranger and “artfully concealed” weapons, like a cattle prod, and “a thin blade nestled inside a phony credit card.”

You can view pictures of the TSA’s Baltimore haul here.

And for those who are overwhelmed by the large number of contraband items, the TSA has a created a “Can I bring my…” search tool. Let’s clear a few up right here. “Can I bring my loaded 9mm handgun?” No. “Can I bring my dagger that looks like a tube of lipstick?” No. “Can I bring my cattle prod?” No.