When you’re flying on an airplane, there’s a lot to remember about what you can and can’t travel with. A jar of peanut butter? What about a razor? How small do containers of liquid need to be again?

But I bet most would assume — even without looking it up — that straight up weapons are not allowed. Which is why it’s sort of surprising that so many people try to carry them on to a plane at BWI.

Since February, the TSA has confiscated several loaded handguns from passengers attempting to take them in carry-on luggage, including one from Edwin F. Hale, chairman and CEO of First Mariner Bancorp. But they’ve also discovered loads of stranger and “artfully concealed” weapons, like a cattle prod, and “a thin blade nestled inside a phony credit card.”

You can view pictures of the TSA’s Baltimore haul here.

And for those who are overwhelmed by the large number of contraband items, the TSA has a created a “Can I bring my…” search tool. Let’s clear a few up right here. “Can I bring my loaded 9mm handgun?” No. “Can I bring my dagger that looks like a tube of lipstick?” No. “Can I bring my cattle prod?” No.