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BWI Airport Unveils Enhancements Just in Time for Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving travelers flying out of BWI this week should be relieved to hear the airport has a couple improvements being unveiled today that should reduce pedestrian congestion.

WOW Air Adds $99 Flights From Baltimore to Paris, Amsterdam


WOW Air is once again upping its destination docket from BWI. The Icelandic airline is set to start offering $99 flights to Paris and Amsterdam (or, as its known on The Wire, Hamsterdam).

Norwegian Air Moving Into BWI, Starting With Direct Flights to Martinique


norweghNorwegian Air isn’t just for flying to the Land of the Midnight Sun anymore. The airline is the latest low-cost carrier to move into BWI. Later this year, Norwegian will begin offering flights to the French Caribbean.

A Bigger BWI?



BWI is already one of the busiest airports in the country–and it might be about to get even busier.

Where to Eat at BWI Airport


With the summer travel season upon us, our friends at Eater have put together a a guide to eating and drinking at BWI Airport.

“It can be hard to find something good to eat at the airport, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to search around. But, there are a few gems out there if you know where to go,” the guide reads.

The guide includes info about all of the restaurants in each terminal, and recommendations for where to go if you have some time to kill, or if you just need a quick bite on the way to the gate.

Plenty of Weapons Confiscated Regularly by the TSA at BWI



When you’re flying on an airplane, there’s a lot to remember about what you can and can’t travel with. A jar of peanut butter? What about a razor? How small do containers of liquid need to be again?

But I bet most would assume — even without looking it up — that straight up weapons are not allowed. Which is why it’s sort of surprising that so many people try to carry them on to a plane at BWI.

Since February, the TSA has confiscated several loaded handguns from passengers attempting to take them in carry-on luggage, including one from Edwin F. Hale, chairman and CEO of First Mariner Bancorp. But they’ve also discovered loads of stranger and “artfully concealed” weapons, like a cattle prod, and “a thin blade nestled inside a phony credit card.”

You can view pictures of the TSA’s Baltimore haul here.

And for those who are overwhelmed by the large number of contraband items, the TSA has a created a “Can I bring my…” search tool. Let’s clear a few up right here. “Can I bring my loaded 9mm handgun?” No. “Can I bring my dagger that looks like a tube of lipstick?” No. “Can I bring my cattle prod?” No.