Carson Gets High-Five from Trump for Opposing the Iraq War

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Ben Carson
Photo by Gage Skidmore.

With a single statement, surging presidential hopeful Ben Carson elicited a high-five from Donald Trump and an apparent frown from Jeb Bush at the CNN Republican debate Wednesday night.

After the other candidates had gone back and forth on whether the Iraq War has made the United States more or less “safe,” Carson got the attention of moderator Jake Tapper.

“I just want to mention,” Carson said, “that when the war, when the issue occurred in 2003, I suggested to President Bush that he not go to war. OK. So I just want that on the record.”

Trump, standing immediately to Carson’s left, went for an awkward high-five. Carson tried to transform it into a more subtle low-five (which sort of perfectly encapsulates the difference between the two outsiders’ brands right now). It wound up as some version of a handshake. Bush, who has been walking an impossibly fine line when it comes to his opinion of the Iraq War, appeared to frown at the sight of it.

The more I watch this, the more I think Bush may not be frowning. That may simply be the face he puts on as he enters his mind palace to ready himself for the next question.

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