Celebrate 2016 Baltimore Shabbat with Community Sponsored One Day Havdalah Concert Featuring Matisyahu

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The Baltimore Shabbat Project aims to inspire unity and bring Jewish people together from all walks of life.  We are pleased to have so many partnerships throughout the community to help promote this special Havdalah Concert!

The programming will focus on the theme of light and will include an amazing LED light activity and service project.  Participants will have the opportunity to write “6 word memoirs” about what Havdalah means to them in glow in the dark lighting.   The memoirs will be displayed in an installation designed by a talented local artist, whose work was featured at the Baltimore Light Show this past year.  Participants will also have the opportunity to work with our very own Repair the World and JVC in preparing holiday cards for those in need around the city.  A way to bring light into someone’s life!  We will also enjoy the sounds of local talent DJ Balagan!

The highlight of the night is the beautiful Havdalah ceremony which will be led by Grammy nominated artist Matisyahu.  The word Havdalah means to differentiate, to distinguish.  The entire ceremony is to distinguish between Shabbat that we just experienced and the week that we are about to enter, both as an existence in time and as a feeling of existence.  Our senses are ignited by the taste of wine, the smell of spices and vision of the candles. We are reminded to distinguish our dark moments from the moments filled with light.

The theme of light coincides with notions of positivity and unity emphasized by Havdalah and The Baltimore Shabbat Project.

SPONSORED BY:  Baltimore Jewish Times- Official Media Sponsor, Hillel Goucher College, UMBC Hillel, Moishe House, Charm City Tribe, Jewish Volunteer Connection, Hillel Towson University, JHeritage & UMB, Repair the World, B’nai Israel Synagogue, Beth Am, JADE, JMORE, Myriad Genetics, Lifebridge, The Associated, Badges, Buttons… Plus!! and The Baltimore Shabbat Project

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