Dear Readers,

We are navigating unprecedented times, as the impact of the global pandemic hits our lives, and Baltimore and the nation grapple anew with the painful legacy of racism and hate.

Baltimore Fishbowl was launched in 2011 to provide a fresh voice on a variety of issues – fun and challenging alike – affecting our city and region. The mission hasn’t changed, and we’ve been lucky enough to accomplish what we set out to do. In the past year, we won our first awards in the MDDC Press Association Contest, published our signature editorial series Baltimost, held our first event, and attracted more readers than ever.

Despite that success, we face significant challenges outside our control, primarily because of the effects of COVID-19. Our business model relies heavily on advertising revenue, and our advertisers have understandably cut back as their businesses have retrenched. It is the same situation facing news outlets across the country.

This precipitous revenue drop has forced us to make tough decisions. Earlier this week, we took the difficult step of laying off our two editorial staff members, managing editor Brandon Weigel and associate editor Marcus Dieterle, effective August 1.

Both Marcus and Brandon made valuable contributions during their time at Baltimore Fishbowl, especially covering the coronavirus pandemic under trying circumstances, and we will all miss their voices.

Baltimore Fishbowl will continue to publish with content from freelancers until the economy recovers. We will regroup, refocus, and chart a clear path forward.

Thank you for supporting us over the last few months.


Susan Gerardo Dunn
Founding Editor & Publisher
Baltimore Fishbowl

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Susan Dunn

Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founding editor and publisher of Baltimore Fishbowl.