Former City Paper Web Editor Joins Baltimore Fishbowl as Managing Editor

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You may have noticed a new byline on the site this week.  On Monday, former City Paper website editor Brandon Weigel joined the Baltimore Fishbowl as its managing editor. 

Our New Look


You’ve probably noticed we look a little different today. Our new design improves our load time, navigates more easily, looks fresh and modern and is a vast improvement.

New Design at Baltimore Fishbowl


There’s been a lot of media news this week with City Paper closing, DNAInfo shutting down and the announcement that the Baltimore Beat will begin publishing in two weeks. We have some (less dramatic) news of our own: We will have a new look on Monday.  

BFB Senior Editor Steve Babcock Moves On

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Our senior editor, Steve Babcock, works his last day today.  

Bye-Bye to the Baltimore Fishbowl Events Calendar



As of last week, we eliminated our events calendar.  We could see on our analytics that few readers used it, and it required time and money to maintain. From now on, we will promote events on our homepage, which will include the bonus of a post on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Contact us at [email protected] if you want to promote your event.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee coverage of every event.  We just don’t have the manpower to post all the events we receive, so if you want a guarantee, you will have to pay for it: $10 for non-profits, $25 for everyone else.

We are sorry to have to charge for the service, but we have to pay the bills, just like everyone else.

Thanks for reading the Baltimore Fishbowl!

New Selfie Ads Let You Self-Serve Ads on the Baltimore Fishbowl



You may have noticed something new at the bottom of posts recently. We now offer an ad tool that gives readers and businesses a chance to promote whatever they want on our site and send their message to thousands of viewers.  We call them “selfie” ads because they are self-serve messages that you write yourself, and place them with in a post.