Today is BFB Senior Editor Ethan McLeod’s Last Day

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Our talented, committed, hard-working senior editor, Ethan McLeod, works his last day today.

Ethan has been with us for three years, and his contributions to the website have been immense. When I started Baltimore Fishbowl, our team relied heavily on aggregation to populate the site. When Ethan came on, he wanted to produce more original reporting, and the decision to do so has changed the character of the website. It has raised our profile and made us a more reliable and respected source for news. Our traffic has more than doubled since Ethan began, and his influence and direction were the direct cause.

During his tenure, Ethan has written nearly 4,000 items for the Baltimore Fishbowl. His story on structural racism and cannabis arrests influenced public policy in Baltimore and received a Baltimore magazine Best of Baltimore nod. It was also picked up by the Associated Press and was the subject of an editorial in the Baltimore Sun.

Ethan has become a trusted confidant, advisor, and friend. We will miss him dearly, but he will stay on as an at-large editor and freelancer.  We wish Ethan well and look forward to having his byline on the Baltimore Fishbowl in the future.

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