More Charges Against Towson Rabbi/Professor

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Back in October, Rabbi Barry Freundel, an associate professor of religion at Towson University, was arrested and charged with voyeurism for allegedly videotaping a woman in a ritual bath. This week, two more women — one of them a student at Towson — brought charges against Freundel as well.

The women involved in the case tell a relatively similar story: Allegedly Freundel would invite them to make use of a mikvah, a ritual bath, adjacent to his Georgetown synagogue — where they’d apparently be recorded by a clock radio that doubled as a hidden camera.

Disturbingly, Freundel invited students to use the mikvah as part of their coursework. Freundel taught at Georgetown, too — and a Georgetown student has also joined the lawsuit. According to the students who filed suit against him, Freundel seemed especially eager to get young female students to take field trips to use the mikvah. In a word: gross.

So far, Freundel has pled not guilty. He has been suspended from Towson without pay since the first charges were brought against him in October.

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