Charles Dwyer Visits the Renaissance Fine Art Gallery

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Charles Dwyer Art

If you haven’t already marked your calendar, here’s a “really, it’s happening this week” reminder. Charles Dwyer’s incredible solo exhibition at Renaissance Fine Arts opens this Thursday (and remains up only through Friday). At the Thursday evening reception, Dwyer will be on hand to meet with guests as they experience Dwyer’s diverse collection of works including original works on canvas and paper, hand-embellished giclées, and an exclusive collection of limited edition photographs.

In Dwyer’s artwork, the figure (and he works with figures a lot) is part of an ethereal space. His style is spontaneous and intuitive, creating layers and planes of color, texture, pattern and fine drawing, generating a unique female landscape, where the negative space and the figure become one. Particularly interesting is Dwyer’s process. He begins by staging an entire scene, including costume design, make up, backdrop, sets, and props. Once the scene is perfectly set, it is photographed. Dwyer then uses the photographs as sources of inspiration for what will become the finished works of art. His photographs, which have always been integral to this creative process, are also now making their debut as limited edition works available for collection. The exhibition is for a limited time (October 9th & 10th only), so be sure to make the time this week. Like the beauty captured in Dwyer’s works, the chance to catch it is fleeting.

Charles Dwyer’s solo exhibition at Renaissance Fine Art will be held October 9 & 10. The champagne reception with the artist will be held Thursday, October 9 from 5pm-7pm. The gallery is located in the Village of Cross Keys at 88 Village Square in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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