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Little Magic: Chaos in Wonderland


I’d begun to dream, night dreams, about oil painting. I followed them to a midtown art store. Maybe trying something new would address a mood of stagnation, a creative slump. The day was dreary, rain and a deep chill in the air. I prowled the aisles in my dripping slicker. When the salesperson, asked if I was looking for anything in particular, I said, vaguely, “Just poking around.”

The Gift: Brushes and Blooms at Ladew


The Gift

What It is: A spot at Ladew Gardens’ new painting party series. Each evening is an event full of creativity and fun; a gathering of friends, food and drink. Under the guidance of a professional artist, participants will each paint a gorgeous scene inspired by Ladew’s renowned gardens. This month’s painting is the Woodland Garden Birdhouse (above). Participants can arrive early to stroll the gardens and are welcome to bring their own snacks and (non-alcoholic) beverages. Alternately, you  can pre-order a $15 picnic dinner from Ladew Cafe, and have everything taken care of for you. Reservations available through Ladew Gardens. $40 members/$45 non-members.

Who It’s Perfect For:

Charles Dwyer Visits the Renaissance Fine Art Gallery


Charles Dwyer Art

If you haven’t already marked your calendar, here’s a “really, it’s happening this week” reminder. Charles Dwyer’s incredible solo exhibition at Renaissance Fine Arts opens this Thursday (and remains up only through Friday). At the Thursday evening reception, Dwyer will be on hand to meet with guests as they experience Dwyer’s diverse collection of works including original works on canvas and paper, hand-embellished giclées, and an exclusive collection of limited edition photographs.

The View From Halcyon Farm: Going to the Dogs


Currently, there are four dogs at Halcyon House, but shortly after you read this, that number will be increasing by one, with the addition of a new puppy. We love our dogs with each of their distinct personalities. The youngest dog, at just over a year old, is the most active and it’s virtually impossible to take a picture of her that’s not a complete blur! The other dogs are older, and it’s easier to capture them on film – or in pixels!

dog portrait - Charlie

As much as we love our dogs, we know they’re not with us forever and while it’s painful to know they will be gone, they’ll of course be in our hearts forever. We have endless pictures of the dogs on our phones and iPads, but those images won’t last through the ages (and we’re sure that our dogs would want to be immortalized).

Home Portraits and Art From Heather Shreve


Heather Shreve Art

catch of the day fish (2)They say a picture is worth 1000 words. And while that may be an old cliche, sometimes you can look at a well-made picture and know why that saying has been around this long. It’s artists like Heather Shreve who are able to truly capture the essence of a home or a special moment and put it on canvas. That makes her work an ideal way to commemorate a wedding, to warm a new home, or to celebrate the love that makes that house a home. Shreve has been painting for so long that she estimates she’s spent over 30,000 hours behind a paintbrush. So she’s clearly a master of her craft. Her HOMESCAPES are essentially that– thoughtful portraits of your home, painted from photographs (taken by Shreve herself, if you’re within 40 miles). Children and pets go in the portrait too, of course, since they’re so much of what fills a home with joy. For those looking for the perfect (and truly unique) wedding gift, a piece of wedding art made by Shreve may be just what you’re looking for.

Paint and Sip at the Painted Palette


Painted Palette

catch of the day fish (2)If art history teaches us anything, it’s that creative genius is often fueled by a bit of wine. Or maybe more than a bit. And if you’re looking to get in touch with your own inner Van Gogh (or Picasso, or Kahlo) this winter, check in at the Painted Palette for either this evening’s Date Night, or tomorrow’s Mimosa Morning. The wine will be flowing, as will be the cadmiums and cobalts—and the opportunity for a little creative sparring with your date.


MICA Dean Gives Professional Evaluation to George W. Bush’s Weird Paintings



By now, surely you’ve seen George W. Bush’s strange, bathroom-centric self-portraits that were leaked by The Smoking Gun last week. (This is why we should all fear hackers, never become famous, and never send anything even remotely embarrassing over email.)

Johns Hopkins Finds Lost Oil Painting Stashed in Janitor’s Closet


Okay, so it’s not a $7 flea market Renoir — but it’s still pretty cool that a renovation project at Johns Hopkins led to the discovery of a lost oil painting by Eugene Leake that had been stashed in a janitor’s closet for who knows how long.

The Walter’s Paintings are Off the Wall and Roaming a Neighborhood Near You

A reproduction of Bunch of Grapes by Andrew John Henry Way will be displayed at Aldo’s Italian Restaurant in Little Italy as part of the “Off the Wall” project.

Come November, if you see masterpieces gracing the walls of public spaces, it’s not an illusion.

The Walters Art Museum has partnered with 25 local groups to present Off the Wall, an open-air exhibition that brings reproduced classic paintings to Baltimore’s main streets and outdoor spaces. The museum is replicating paintings on weather-resistant vinyl, placing them in period-correct frames, mounting them to commercial walls and “planting” them in parks. The high-quality reproductions will be displayed next month through April 2013. For phase two—July through Dec. 2013—the same works will be installed in new locations. CFG Community Bank has sponsored Off the Wall with a $15,000 donation.

Artscape: What Drives an Artist to Paint Cars?

Bob Hieronimus and his art car. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Bob Hieronimus recounts his notable artistic accomplishment of painting more than 50 murals in Baltimore.

There’s the 2,700 square-foot “The Apocalypse,” finished in 1969 at Johns Hopkins University, which depicts history as a cyclical force. His “E Pluribus Unum” completed in 1985 features famed diners at the Lexington Market. The 1996 “A Little Help From Our Friends” on the side of the Safe and Smart Community Resource Center on Greenmount Avenue portrays inspirational figures from Bob Marley to Rachel Carson.