Let’s Get it Arted

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Art at home inspires us.  It doesn’t have to be a Picasso or a Warhol. A well-framed child’s drawing or a memorable family photograph can be just as inspiring as those works deemed “correct” by art snobs. In our view, interior design should always start with art. It is so much easier to decorate a room around a bold, meaningful painting, than to find a matchy painting to respond to a carefully furnished room (cue the disappointing results).

Case in point: The contemporary painting above features large brush strokes of indigo and other striking colors. It feels modern. The rest of the room mixes mid-century furniture, a custom George Smith sofa and sporting paintings of foxes and horses. The furnishings are traditional, the art is not, but together they work it out. There is no algorithm to pairing art and interior design. The only equation is to make them a pair and make sure you personally care about the details, that you feel comforted or excited or challenged by them, whichever you’re going for.

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