Chesapeake Bay Has More Crab Population Troubles

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Man, will this ever end? Last winter saw the Chesapeake Bay’s crab population dip lower than it has in five years — and drop nearly two-thirds from the year before. Oddly, “the number of female crabs increased substantially despite the overall decline.” Even so, the Department of Natural Resources has decided to introduce a limit on the number of females crabbers can take per day this season (which runs from April 1 to December 15), hoping for a big population rebound next year. 

So expect to come by a lot more “Jimmies” than “Sallies” or “Sooks” this summer. (That’s some pretty fancy lingo, I know.)

I usually find the bay’s crab troubles incredibly depressing, but I just read this article about how the Internet destroyed the middle class, and that has got me way more down.



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