Children’s Book Picks that Raise Awareness of Differently-Abled Children

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Books can be a wonderful way to raise awareness of the challenges of the differently-abled and how to develop an inclusive outlook and approach. Here are some excellent books to read and discuss with your children.

1. WE’LL PAINT THE OCTOPUS RED by Stephanie Stuve-Boden and Pam DeVito: This is a picture book for young children when a little girl finds out that her new baby brother has Down Syndrome. She wonders what things he’ll be able to do. Her father explains what Down Syndrome is and they realize he’ll be able to do lots of things. The book includes a list of questions and answers.

2. WE’RE AMAZING 1,2,3! A STORY ABOUT FRIENDSHIP AND AUTISM by Leslie Kimmelman and Beth Nelson: This book explains what autism is as a young child wonders why her friend behaves in a different way. Elmo from Sesame Street does the explaining in a way that any child can understand.

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