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The Associated Contributors are writers from The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.

How CHAT Helped Katie Fink Connect


Katie Fink

In her mid-twenties, Katie Fink felt like something was missing in her life.

A Baltimore native, Katie returned to Baltimore after attending college in Ithaca, New York and started looking for ways to connect with her peers. That’s why she signed up for CHAT: Conversations Happening Around Town, a program through IMPACT (The Associated’s young adult division) that brings together young adults in Jewish Baltimore to meet new people and explore available opportunities in Jewish Baltimore.

Enrich Your Life. Host a Shinshin.


Host a Shinshin

Six years ago, Nancy Hudes and her family of Owings Mills, made the decision to host a shinshin, an 18-year-old Israeli emissary, putting into action the central Jewish value of welcoming people into one’s home. What they discovered about the experience was how much it enriched their lives as well…so much so they decided to host again this past summer.

Micah Damareck and the Importance of Community


Micah Damareck

Why did Micah Damareck get involved with The Associated? Well, it is simply because someone asked. To do what, exactly? Join the Young Leadership Council (YLC), a leadership development program headed up by IMPACT, The Associated’s young adult division. Over the course of two years, the program gives its class the opportunity to gain leadership skills, learn more about Jewish Baltimore and, overall, connect with peers in a casual yet informative setting.

Children’s Book Picks that Raise Awareness of Differently-Abled Children


Children book

Books can be a wonderful way to raise awareness of the challenges of the differently-abled and how to develop an inclusive outlook and approach. Here are some excellent books to read and discuss with your children.

What Not to Miss this September


September Activities

Whether it’s work, school, or the holidays, September is a busy month for many of us. It doesn’t mean you have to miss out on what’s happening around town. Here are four things you can’t miss this September!

New Ideas to Inspire a Sweet New Year


Sweet New Year

Looking for something healthy to accompany your traditional holiday menu? How about a pomegranate salad with cabbage from Lifebridge’s Esther Lejtman? Or Elise Rubenstein’s gluten-free brown rice crispy treats to go with your special apple cake? Discover new ideas that will inspire you and your family to have a sweet new year. 

Melanie Waxman, Technology Concierge, Helps Senior Citizens Connect with Tech


Teaching Technology

As soon as they walk through the door I hear their frustration—not with the technology, but with themselves. Using smart devices for our seniors is like learning a new language.

As an educator, and the technology concierge at the Tech-Knowledge HUB at the Edward A. Myerberg Center, I know that it is really important that we utilize our typical “lesson plan” outline with every client to help them on every project. We look, learn, re-learn and then we relearn before we practice with an activity then practice again and again. No amount of practice is too much! The number one hope for our older adults is to be able to text.

Meet Beth Fisher – Pikesville Mom Who Supports Pikesville Schools Coalition


Meet Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher always put education at the top of her list when selecting what neighborhood would be best for her family. It’s why she and her husband first moved to the Summit Park school district so her children could attend Pikesville public schools.

So when Beth learned that CHAI was spearheading the Pikesville Schools Coalition, an initiative to strengthen Pikesville schools, she recognized how valuable that was to her community.

Haley Bach’s career course was set at the age of ten


Today Haley Bach is pursuing a career working with people with disabilities…but that might not have happened if not for an amazing friendship she developed while bunking with Hannah Terle, a camper with autism, the summer she was 10.

For Steve Dubin, chairing the Maryland Israel Development Center (MIDC) brings with it a special satisfaction


“When you are trying to do anything to contribute to society, that’s always great. In this case I am not just helping, but I am helping Israel,” he says. “I want Israel to be successful, and this is a hands-on way to do that, using my particular set of expertise.”

The MIDC promotes trade relations between Maryland and Israel, helping local firms find a market in the Jewish state and encouraging Israeli companies to gain a foothold here.