City Council Votes to Protect Ticketmaster’s Outrageous Surcharges

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With a sense of urgency rarely seen in our City Council — and perhaps better reserved for something noble — local politicians have swooped in to save Ticketmaster’s insidious surcharges, after a Baltimore resident successfully sued the company for violating a 1948 anti-scalping law that allows ticket resellers to charge no more than 50 cents on top face value.

Councilman Carl Stokes, who introduced the emergency bill, said it was urged by the Ravens, Orioles, and various entertainment venues concerned that Ticketmaster would no longer handle their events. As if.

Sure, a 50-cent limit might be out of date at this point, but come on — when Ticketmaster is the only option for an event-goer, the surcharge is pure price-gouging. And it’s not like venues couldn’t raise the face value of their tickets and cut a per-sale deal with the company. And if Ticketmaster doesn’t go for that, I’m sure plenty of other online ticketing middlemen would love to deal.


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