Coming Soon on Exteriors of City Buses: Joe Flacco

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Courtesy MTA

If having your face showcased on a fleet of city buses is any sign of an NFL quarterback’s quality, Joe Flacco may just be elite.

The Maryland Transit Administration today will unveil new “Flacco bus wraps” on BaltmoreLink buses to promote Gov. Larry Hogan’s planned bus system. Hogan unveiled his $135 million plan to upgrade Baltimore’s transportation lines in October 2015. The BaltimoreLink bus system will feature 12 color-coded lines, more direct routes and stops at “transit hubs” around the city, among other enhancements to the current mix-and-match system of MTA and Circulator buses.

The MTA’s website says BaltimoreLink should be up-and-running in June.

To get people excited to ride the bus, the agency is adorning five MTA buses with shots of Flacco and other Ravens emblems. An MTA spokesman said Flacco will be paid $45,000 for the one-year promotion. The Sun’s Colin Campbell reported the Ravens will also be compensated as part of an ongoing deal.

The Ravens’ franchise quarterback, Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn and MTA CEO Paul Comfort presented the new buses at the agency’s lot in South Baltimore today.

“BaltimoreLink will transform the way you get around town,” Flacco said in a statement. “I know what it takes to win and this new transit system is a winner for Baltimore.”

In a statement, Gov. Hogan said the partnership “shows how the administration is looking for new and innovative ways to let the people of the Baltimore region know about BaltimoreLink and the transformative changes it will deliver to create a more reliable and timely transit experience and better connections to where they live and work.”

This isn’t the only football-related bus promotion happening in 2017. MTA announced earlier today that it will also have buses marketing the city’s new arena football team.

This story has been updated and corrected to reflect the correct amount Flacco will be paid.

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  1. Are you sure Joe Flacco is being compensated $45 million? Why would they spend that much? Circulator’s annual budget shortfall is a mere fraction of this.

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