Last week, Valentine’s Day week, saw our readers in a state of high feeling, both pro and con. The flurry of love letters to Marion Winik for her latest Bohemian Rhapsody column, “My Secret Crush,” couldn’t have been sweeter. In the piece, Marion detailed her intense 1991 longing!

Kristy wrote, “Thank you for detailing the human nature of the real lady.”

Kathy said, “This is one of my favorite essays. I always wondered who it was about and if the crush ever turned into anything. Interesting to finally find out!”

Diane noted, “Oh, the things we do (and think) for love/lust. Thanks for once again zooming into those dark-bordering-on-pathetic paths we take in our search for, hmmm, you know, the undefined search called life. Loved it!”

Lisa Simeone’s friendly advice to MW: “Next time, Marion, add some great lingerie in the mix!”

Sara Lynn Michener’s Dating Data column past, “Are You in a Whatevership?” saw fresh raves from Josh, including the praiseful message: “Sara, you are brilliant. Wise as ancient sages. I will be checking into this column, and sending my friends, family, and well, maybe even a lover, this way when the time comes! The part about why you date, and our bodies as avatar, rings so true with me, I just couldn’t articulate it as well. Thanks for sharing your gifts.”

A post by the editors, “Boston Globe Slams Mayo Shattuck,” reviewing Shattuck’s really, really bad (+ high-profile) review of late, had Anonymous nodding and saying, “Mayo S. destroys anything he oversees to his own opportunistic benefit. He ruined Alex. Brown for Baltimore, Maryland, and now he is destroying Constellation Energy at the expense of Maryland consumers. He is the modern ‘robber baron.’”

MMW high-fived in response: “Couldn’t agree more with Anonymous! Mayo is very good at making money for himself at the expense of our community. That’s it. He’s wreaked havoc in Baltimore since he arrived. I know, let’s send him to Pittsburgh! Nah, they have enough trouble.”

Happily, though, Krista Smith’s  “More Retail at Harbor East” post seemed to cheer everybody up!

“If you look closely on the glass, you will see the name J. Crew. Bring it on! We need more stores that carry men’s clothes and accessories as well,” said NEWC11.

Talk soon. Lots of love, Baltimore Fishbowl