Congratulations! Nevermind! Goucher Accidentally Accepts 60 Rejected Students

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rejected and accepted stamps

Several dozen high school students had a very good day turn very bad this week, when Goucher College announced that 60 of its “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted!” emails were sent in error.

This sort of thing is happening with increasing frequency in recent years, thanks to newly automated notification systems. That’s exactly what happened with Goucher; an email list that was supposed to contain the names of only the accepted accidentally included 60 students who’d actually been waitlisted or rejected.

“It was a human mistake,” Michael O’Leary, Goucher’s vice-president for enrollment management, told WJZ. “We recognize the mistake and we owned it, and we are trying to do right by those families. We proactively reached out to the parents of those students Thursday evening, explaining our error and apologizing for our mistake.”

I’m sure the apology was appreciated. But still – is there any way to atone for the heartbreak this must’ve caused these kids? Here’s hoping they have a bunch of other (legitimate!) acceptances to celebrate to take their minds off this mess…

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