Controversial Pit Bull Ruling Not In Effect Just Yet

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Maryland Assistant Attorney General Kathryn Rowe wrote an opinion this week that a recent court ruling that definies pit bulls as “inherently dangerous” is not yet the law of the land in the state. It is currently being reconsidered in the Maryland Court of Appeals.

It’s a ruling that could have a huge effect on pit bull owners, landlords, and animal shelters. According to The Baltimore Sun, immediately upon the ruling, Montgomery County Del. Heather Mizeur “began receiving calls from pit bull owners getting eviction notices from their landlords”  (presumably running scared from the liability of housing tenants with “inherently dangerous” animals. Animal shelters were also unsure how they should be handling pit bulls in light of the ruling.

The strangest thing about the ruling is its restriction to pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Are we to believe that pit bulls and their mixes are uniquely dangerous? And believe it without reference to a well-conducted study? Is the inherent danger of a pit bull self-evident?

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