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Pets of the Week: Iris and Jackie


Meet Iris and Jackie, both available for adoption at the Baltimore Humane Society.

Crowdfunded Charm Kitty Café is Finally Opening to the Public on Saturday

“Star” sits on a bed in Charm Kitty Café. Photo by Julia Flaccavento.

Inside a new storefront in Whitehall Mill at the edge of Hampden, cats roam free, weaving between human feet or squatting placidly atop oversized cushions. A couple cloister themselves inside empty merch cubbies along the wall. Several jump up periodically to walk on the front desk, accompanying staffers who warmly greet guests coming in the doors.

Pets of the Week: Starlight and Albert

Starlight the dog, via Baltimore Humane Society

Starlight and Albert are both looking for new families to call their own.

Pets of the Week: Garrett and Frizzle

Garrett the cat, via Baltimore Humane Society.

Meet Garrett the cat and Frizzle the dog, both of whom are seeking new homes.

Pets of the Week: Pepper and Tiny



Pepper here, coming to you from Baltimore Humane Society where I am looking for a family to call my own. The good news is I’m not just gorgeous, I have a personality to match! I’m a really fun, active girl who likes to run around and play. It’s very cute to watch me get my zoomies and go, go, go! I also love treats, I will do just about anything for some. I’m also very smart. I know a few commands like sit and down and would love to learn even more with whoever adopts me. I will be a very fun, faithful companion. If you think we’d be a good match, please come and meet me soon!

Top Stories: Hurricane Harvey Presents Tough Choices, The Story Behind Worthy Threads Apparel, Wit & Wisdom’s Pig Roast


Our most popular read from this week plays with the heartstrings. Seeing photos of animals stranded by Hurricane Harvey, and reading about a boy who died trying to rescue his sister’s cat from the flood, columnist Marion Winik stopped to consider how people react differently to a disaster that threatens both humans and their beloved pets.

After speaking with her daughter, Jane, mother and child appeared to be at odds. While Marion wouldn’t hesitate to rescue or wait behind for her miniature dachsund or one-year-old tabby cat, Jane asked the inevitable, crucial question: “Isn’t it more important to save people?”

What followed was a heartwarming ode to the bond between human and beast, homing in on what makes those ties so strong in the comfort of one’s home. If you have a cat or dog — or both — that you love, surely you can relate.

Here were our other most popular reads for the first week of September:

Pets of the Week: Mariah and Tai

Mariah the dog. Photo via Baltimore Humane Society.

Mariah and Tai are up for adoption at the Baltimore Humane Society. Learn a little bit about them below:

Pets of the Week: Quinn and Jay


Have you ever seen a Rottie this cute before? I highly doubt it! My name is Quinn, and I must say, I’m pretty awesome. I love attention, giving kisses and belly rubs. You could rub my belly for hours! I like food, treats and going for long walks. I just need some TLC from my new family and you will see what a terrific dog I can be. I did tend to escape from my previous yard by digging under the fence, so perhaps we could just go on some long leash walks together and have some bonding time! I have lived with dogs previously. So, what do you think? Are you coming in soon to see me? I sure hope so! I know I won’t be here long!

An Old Dog Still Teaching Some New Tricks

The writer’s dog, Puck.

My old dog is deaf. Completely deaf. It is a strange thing to take care of a dog that cannot hear and we are learning together how to navigate this. We cannot be lazy with him at all. If we let him out in the back yard and he goes crazy barking at the rabbit and fox, we’ve got to be prepared to trek out to get him, positioning ourselves so that he can see us. We have to make hand signals to tell him to be quiet. Remarkably, he seems to understand these.