Top Stories: Hurricane Harvey Presents Tough Choices, The Story Behind Worthy Threads Apparel, Wit & Wisdom’s Pig Roast

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Our most popular read from this week plays with the heartstrings. Seeing photos of animals stranded by Hurricane Harvey, and reading about a boy who died trying to rescue his sister’s cat from the flood, columnist Marion Winik stopped to consider how people react differently to a disaster that threatens both humans and their beloved pets.

After speaking with her daughter, Jane, mother and child appeared to be at odds. While Marion wouldn’t hesitate to rescue or wait behind for her miniature dachsund or one-year-old tabby cat, Jane asked the inevitable, crucial question: “Isn’t it more important to save people?”

What followed was a heartwarming ode to the bond between human and beast, homing in on what makes those ties so strong in the comfort of one’s home. If you have a cat or dog — or both — that you love, surely you can relate.

Here were our other most popular reads for the first week of September:

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Cynthia McIntyre – “Hot House: How Much for a Horse Farm These Days? $4.5M for this One in Sparks” – Tuesday, Sept. 5

Ethan McLeod – “Baltimore Delegate’s Grandson Gunned Down on Labor Day” – Wednesday, Sept. 5

Ethan McLeod – “Hollywood Comes to Eastern Shore to Film ‘Tangier’” – Wednesday, Sept. 6

Ethan McLeod – “Ray Lewis Blames Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend for Ravens’ Decision Not to Sign Him” – Thursday, Sept. 7

Ethan McLeod – “Arrestee Dies in Ocean City Police Officers’ Custody” – Tuesday, Sept. 5

Ethan McLeod – “Local Leaders Really Want Amazon to Pick Baltimore for its Second Headquarters” – Thursday, Sept. 7

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