Cookies Stolen from the Great Cookie in Towson + Odder Items People Like to Lift

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The Great Cookie at Towson Town Center has seen its share of crime in the last month and a half, the offenses reaching well beyond the hand-in-the-jar style of snatchery. Last week, two 16-year-old-boys were apprehended just after 2 a.m. for somehow entering the mall and stealing cookies from the popular chain bakery location. Just two days earlier, burglars nabbed 24 pounds of cookies – in equal denominations of snickerdoodle and chocolate chip – from the same location. Police suspect the crimes are unrelated. In August, a man hopped The Great Cookie counter after hours and unlocked his way into the store’s freezer where he stole $300 and made a successful run for it. Insert your own jokes about dough.

Such low-stakes, high-sugar crime has locals scratching their heads, especially the most recent event. Were the 16-year-olds pilfering treats on a dare? Were they stoned and starving? Shouldn’t their parents be held responsible, to a degree? I’m more interested in the item up for illegal grabs: cookies. There’s a sweetness to this presumable misdemeanor, and I’m not making a dessert pun at this point. Come on. Not that I support their behavior, but these fools stole a food that conjures nostalgia, that satisfies a hunger pang or a sour mood in a heartbeat, an extremely odd sort of booty to risk arrest over, no? I began to wonder: What else are people stealing out there during these moody, enduring recessionary days?

So I learned that some are stealing hyper-creatively from hotels, not just mini-bar goodies, robes and towels, but – bright idea – light bulbs.

In many U.S. cities, thieves have busted into beauty supply stores and hair salons to obtain…human hair – one break-in pulled an estimated $70K to $90K in strands imported from Malaysia and India.

People have also been making away with hogs: About 1,000 pigs were reported missing from farms in Minnesota and Iowa last year, according to Time.

Perhaps the most practical/lightweight/easy-to-steal offering? Coupon offers straight out of your neighbor’s mailbox (same source: Time). (I wish someone would make off with the endless pizza and Chinese food offers that flap in my screen door, tempting me not to cook.)

Anything strange been stolen from your place, your car, your person? Let us hear!

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  1. Someone once stole the artificial decorations off the Christmas wreath hanging on my front door. They didn’t take the wreath, which would have been much easier — a matter of undoing one twisted wire. Instead they had to contend with untwisting multiple wires holding the decorations in place.

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