Cooking Class: Indian Street Food

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In India, Street food is a culture by itself. Each region has its own specialty dishes, with their unique preparation styles and ingredients. However, one trait common among all the different foods is that they are exploding with flavor and display vibrant combinations of textures and colors.

Come join chef/owner Radhika Sule of  The Verandah Restaurant in Hampden in this delicious journey of experiencing Indian Street Food and unravelling the mystery behind some of the dishes.During the class, students will learn to make the following:

  1. Chole Bhature: Chana Masala (Chole) served with fried bread (Bhatura),
  2. Dahi Vada: Fried lentil fritters dunked in spiced yogurt sauce, topped with a medley of chutneys.
  3. Shaami Kabab: Minced meat and lentil Kababs.
The Verandah on the Avenue in Hampden – 842 West 36th Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21211 

Radhika Sule Chef and Owner of The Verandah in Hampden

Organizer of Cooking Class: Indian Street Food

Radhika Sule is an architect by training. Through years of working in the field of architecture, she nurtured her love for the simple flavors of Indian cuisine. Eventually her passion prompted her to set up a stand at the Downtown Baltimore Farmers’ Market leading her into her brick and mortar cafe, The Verandah on the quaint Avenue in Hampden. Her mission was to share the joys of Indian street fare with others.

Indian Street Food: An Introduction to The Great Indian Jamboree

This month our cooking class is called “Street Food of India”.  These classes are Radhika Sule’s idea, sharing the diversity of Indian cuisine.  These cooking classes will give you skills to cook Indian food at home…. At this class you will get to hear the story of a friendship that started with Radhika in Baltimore, Anil in India, and with a new friend, Martha Lucius (who travelled India years ago).  Sitting at The Verandah Cafe one day Radhika and Martha said, “We should take a group to India in 2017!!!”  And thus began their adventure.

You are invited:  Come only to the cooking class, or join us on an adventure discovering India’s food and architecture first hand. We will tell you more about the itinerary in Rajasthan, Central India at the cooking class. See you there.

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