Cooking Class Series at McCormick World of Flavors

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World of Flavors

catch of the day fish (2)You know McCormick. Their herbs and spices were already all over your kitchen long before you realized they were a local company. Then, several months ago McCormick opened their flagship World of Flavors store here in town, and it’s just been a spicy love affair ever since. Well, the latest great thing to come from McCormick to us, the people of Baltimore, is their series of cooking classes—beginning July 11th. Very, very interested? Skip to the end of the article and register now—they’ve only got a couple of spots left!

McCormick is kicking off their series of cooking classes (yes, it’s a series, so don’t fret—there will be more) with a grilling-themed menu created by Chef Gabby Quintana. The class goes from 6:30pm until 8:00pm and includes a cooking demo complete with chef-worthy insider tips, generous samples of featured dishes (yum!), printed recipes for participants to take home, and a 15% discount on all store purchases for the evening. What more could you ask for? Furthermore, attendees will enjoy a small class size (read: space is limited! Register well in advance!) so there will be plenty of time for Chef Gabby to answer all of your burning (or charring, or searing, or marinating) questions.

McCormick World of Flavors is located at 301 Light Street in Baltimore. For more information on McCormick World of Flavors’ cooking classes, or to sign up, visit their Facebook page here.

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